some things we believe

…and a little why.

Good people deserve great brands, powerful websites and presences that draw in the (paying) customers.

This doesn’t have to be the domain of the big business. With proper guidance and planning, even small businesses, startups and – well – anyone can have the same gear that the big boys do. You can have a brand that works hard for you, 24/7.

And that’s what we exist to do.

We provide industry-leading experience, decades of know-how and a truly different way of thinking about what we do.

Meet your team

James - Design & Branding - Design Hickory


Design & Brand

Beth - Design & Project Management - Design Hickory


Design & Project Management

Cade - Lead Programmer - Design Hickory



Design Hickory history

…but just sort of.

Design Hickory was started when I moved to Hickory.

I’m from Asheville and have lived there pretty much all my life. Built an agency (Blue Dozen Design,) for 20 years, but decided we wanted a new adventure.

My family and I started a 2 year journey across the United States, and eventually decided we wanted to be closer to “home,” what with the kids and family and all. We’ll travel again – but for now – Hickory is home, and we’re thrilled it is.

In 2019 – I figured instead of moving my old business to Hickory, I’d start a new business – focused on local clients.

And, so… Design Hickory.