The Hickory Shut-In Series Podcast

A Novel Idea for These Novel Times. (Get it?)

The Uncle Jimbo Shut-In Series Podcast

Hello, good people of Hickory.

I’m James (because you couldn’t get that from looking at my name,) and I operate Design Hickory, a branding, design and development studio. I’m also the head of Blue Dozen Design in Asheville – but we moved to Hickory last year, and we’ve launched a new brand in our new home town.

We’re all feeling the pinch, especially small business owners, restauranteurs, and – well – everyone.

I thought it might be fun to interview some Hickory area business owners and blast us all out on social media.

The idea is this: a 10 minute-long podcast, video and social media sharable collateral based on a Zoom video call. We’ll talk about your business, what you’re doing to stay open and serve Hickory, and what’s next in your world.

It’ll be informal (no need for shoes,) and you’d just need to dial in and have a chat. The entire process would take you 30 minute or less.

Once we’re done with the chat, my team and I will slice up the video and audio, let you approve, and then blast it out to a TON of different places (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify, blog posts, etc.,) all with links to your business. We’ll also send you the files so you can share them on your social media, websites – anywhere you’d like.

If you’re interested, you can schedule here: https://calendly.com/unclejimbo/designhickory-shut-in-series

THIS ISN’T A SALES THING. I will not try to sell you on ANY service during our conversation. I just want to meet some cool people and hopefully help get us through this whole mess with a better sense of what we’re all up to.

Sound good? Let’s “hang out,” Hickory!

Design Hickory - Hickory, NC

21st Ave. NE • Hickory, NC 28601